Some of the key findings from SocialTimes  are as follows:

  • A whopping 97.09% of respondents said that an online experience has influenced whether or not they bought a product or service from a brand.
  • The number 1 reason for following a brand is access to special offers and deals (36.9% of Facebook/Myspace users, 43.5% of Twitter users).  The runners up for top reasons people follow brands are that they are current customers or that they are following because of interesting and entertaining content.
  • Most admit that when they are following a brand they are more likely to consider the brand when in the market for the product, buy the product from the brand and recommend the brand to others.
  • On average, people follow between 2 and 5 brands on Facebook.  How many are you following?

Check out the full infographic below.  Why do you follow brands on Facebook and Twitter?


According to the infographic, 58 percent of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook and 29 percent of Twitter users follow a brand on Twitter.  Users want to communicate with and talk about brands—brands just have to give them a reason!

Consumers Prefer Brand Updates Via Facebook Over Email & Traditional Ads [Infographic] -

Consumers Prefer Brand Updates Via Facebook Over Email & Traditional Ads [Infographic] –

As social media continues to explode as a marketing tool, limited-service restaurants will likely face even more decisions about how to spend their time and dollars in an effort to use special online deals to grab the attention and loyalty of customers.

Whether it’s the use of Facebook, Twitter, or other tools to drive fans to the restaurant or daily deal couponing via Groupon and LivingSocial, operators are continuing to see their social media options grow.

Social media “is an ever-changing world,” said Hilary Allard, a vice president of Boston-based marketing communications company The Castle Group, Boston. “Who knows where it will be a year from now? You have to dive in and see where it takes you.”

We’ve already seen signs of it — targeted ads on Facebook, suggested people to follow on Twitter, even Google Instant seems to know what you’re thinking — but how is behavioral targeting changing the Internet at large?

4 Ways Behavioral Targeting Is Changing the Web.

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