TDPro will join in the Texas Poker Expo and Lifestyles ( show to be held at the Dallas Convention Center in March 2011, largest ever held in Texas and maybe even in the US or world.

At this show, TDPro is planning to host the largest LIVE FREE ROLL in the history of poker! They say they will be holding their 3rd annual Texas Hold’em Poker Invitational with a planned payout of $30,000! Thats right, $30,000!

They may also be conducting a casting call for the 2011 season of “So you want to be a Poker Star” at this event.

 “So you want to be a Poker Star”™,  is down to the final 4 poker players. As mentioned before in this Blog,  “So you want to be a Poker Star”™,  is a reality TV show from TDPro featuring Poker Pros as mentors to teams of Poker Players aspiring to become Pros themselves!
Stay tuned as I will be announcing the filming date for the finale show when I have it.

I have heard that So You Want to Be a Poker Star has been picked up by NBC…Can’t wait to see if this is true.

So, I am pretty sure that you will hear it here first, Tony Lay is replacing Allen Cunningham on the reality television series (still) filming in Dallas, So You want to be  a Poker Star.

Check out Tony here:

And let me say that I am pretty tired from my participation in the show to date.  Some nights we film poker tourneys until 2:00AM

I talked with Allen today (well I texted him) and he said that he was disappointed to have missed out on participating in “So you want to be a Poker Star”.  He said ” it sounded like fun” but added that he had “to many conflicts (over the television show taping period) to squeeze in fun”.  He did not mention sponsorship conflicts, guess we will all see when the show airs.

Allen, Hopefully your conflicts revolve around poker tourneys and if so, I say “Go Allen!”

I have seen this information elsewhere so I think I can post it here.  As I previously reported, filming started on March 5, 2010 for the poker reality show “So You Want to be a Poker Star” and the general premise is that the last poker player standing is the winner.  Poker stars recruit teams of 16 to train and that training is expected to help contestants play better poker in order to survive to the end.  The 4 pros I found reported online are:

John “Tex” Barch

Gregg Merkow

Andy Philachack

Allen Carter

Now, I will tell you that Allen Carter was unable to be one of the pros due to his sponsorship contract so look for me to post the fourth pro when I get approval (or find it leaked online:) ).

Filming began over this last weekend on the new reality television show “So you want to be a Poker Star”.  I obviously can’t tell you much about this show, but suffice it to say it was filmed in Dallas with poker reality hopefuls  coming from as far away as New Jersey. 

Also suffice it to say that it was grueling!