September 2011

Smartphone sales in 2011 are estimated to reach 468 million units, a 57% increase over 2010. While the idea of reaching out to consumers via smartphone apps is clearly not new, companies have been stubbornly hesitant to embrace app technologies. It’s the same inertia we saw in the early days of the internet.


Top Line Growth? There’s an App for That – Robert Plant – Harvard Business Review.



Facebook may be the online hub that dominates headlines and most of consumers’ personal time, but there’s no denying that Google remains the king of the Internet and the No. 1 website in the world.

So when Google speaks, people should listen—and speak Google did, to QSR about the restaurant insights and tips that every restaurateur should know in today’s increasingly tech-driven world.  I say these tips are great for all small business owners and perhaps even a few large ones.




Google Restaurant Tips Smart for Operators Play Book – QSR magazine.

From ClickZ

Social media continues to evolve as a means for participants to communicate, engage, and connect with their family, friends, and social media acquaintances. In the process, more people are spending more time on these platforms. From a marketing perspective, it’s critical to understand their behavior to be able to effectively integrate social media into your plans.

How Social Media Is Changing and What It Means for Your Marketing | ClickZ.