March 2011

A whopping 50% of all content consumed on Twitter is generated by only 20,000 users according to this study. This is no 80/20 rule: even if we assume that a significant number of Twitter accounts are dormant (which appears to be a valid assumption), a very, very small group of “elite” users (0.05% of all users by Yahoo Research’s calculation) is producing half of the content that gets consumed.

Twitter isn’t very social: study | Econsultancy.


I like this article and the associated comments.  I have always imagined femtocells in a few of my past industries, but like this idea of coverage as customer retention.

UPDATED: Sprint: We’ve got 250,000 femtocells on our network – FierceWireless.

With all the different Google tools we use on a daily basis, from Gmail to Google Wave, Google Earth, GTalk, Chrome and more, it can feel like Google has been around forever.  It’s hard to believe that the idea for Google was only conceived in 1995, that the Google homepage only hit the web in 1998, and that Gmail only went live in 2004, with 1GB of storage

WATCH: A Brief History Of Google—From Search To Wave.

Another interesting piece on GPS and wireless mobile.  Broadcastr, a Brooklyn-based start-up group that launched earlier this week, collects audio clips related to certain locations, and offers those traveling the streets a chance to listen on different stories, ranging from the historically important to the funnily charming.

Thousands of oral histories and stories from New York City are available on Broadcastr.  They have collected stories from about 30 organizations that have audio archives, including Unicef and the National September 11th Memorial and Museum.  While these stories exist on the network, anyone can share his or her own.

“Broadcastr” Streams Funny Audio Stories About Your GPS Location.

AT&T has launched a new service that will send customers texts promoting special deals whenever they’re near certain stores. I think this is a great use of technology in our instant gratification world as long as I can keep the offers relevant to me.

AT&T ShopAlerts texts location-based promos | Digital Media – CNET News | LinkedIn.


Social media sites, along with the abundance of information available to modern consumers, are making it harder and harder for brands to capture consumers’ attention, writes Edmund Lee. The more brands try to make themselves heard on social channels, the more desensitized consumers become to marketing messages.

How Social Media Stole Your Mind, Took Advertising With It | Digital – Advertising Age.