In quite a few of my blogs I state that the term social media will become obsolete.  Well, in this post, I wanted to take some time and show how social media is being used in a contact center setting but not  being looked at as “social media” but rather a call center tool, or in this case a communications channel to lower incoming call volume.

I am working with a client on call center improvements and one of the areas I am looking at is “the Helpdesk”.  As many of you know, when large-scale (regional/enterprise) outages occur, the call center is barraged with callers all reporting the same thing.  Many call centers will look to “front end” the ACD with a recording in an effort to offload the completed calls and this is quite effective, but not very proactive from the customer’s perspective.

In this case, one of the tools we used to “get proactive” was to Twitter our Helpdesk updates to the subscribed employee base, thereby proactively alerting the employee that the Helpdesk knew about the problem and was working on it and thusly, reducing incoming call volume.

What are your thoughts?  Would a company be brave enough to take this strategy from the “internal customers” serviced through the Helpdesk to the external customers served bu your call center?

What social media integration tricks have you implemented lately?