I think so, I think social network sites (the concept of connecting with people from your life over the Internet) will become the next natural evolution of the Internet.  Folks will be connected to others through many ways  (I personally think companies like Google will ultimately win over niche apps like Facebook).

Businesses will soon have access to you and  your whole network of connections and will be forced to develop more meaningful content.  Leaders from the company will have to come forth and present ideas, strategies, technologies and other important  facts in order for us (the public) to care about that firm.

IT execs and other senior leaders will need to ensure all securities are in place to enforce the rules of what can and can’t be presented. Companies that will succeed will be at the forefront of this true “information superhighway 2.0”.

if you look back at a past post https://scottspiek.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/my-social-media-thoughts-for-the-day/ you will see that I am refining my thoughts.  I do not believe that in the future it will be enough to get a gaggle of fans and let them talk about your product.  I believe that in the next few years, this gaggle of fans will need more from you in order to continue being engaged in your social site.