If you have a need for security camera’s, I think that IP technology may be they way to go.  I remember installing some IP camera’s for a friend who owned the Tipperary Inn in Dallas, TX so that potential customers could see the “action” (or better yet, the band) live on the bar’s website.  Let me state that circa 2004, these IP camera’s did not handle low light situations or movement very well and I was “displeased”.

Cut to 2010 and I believe that these P camera’s have come a long way.  If so, they warrant investigation due to what I consider to be the numerous “pros” associated with IP.  The video can be captured and stored over any IP network to remote locations, if you worry about security, you can send it over the LAN or VPN.  Add the fact you can send it to a remote location using your existing network, make it superior to CCTV which needs a “control room” at each location.

Makes me long for a reason to install a few camera’s again 🙂