August 2010

TDPro will join in the Texas Poker Expo and Lifestyles ( show to be held at the Dallas Convention Center in March 2011, largest ever held in Texas and maybe even in the US or world.

At this show, TDPro is planning to host the largest LIVE FREE ROLL in the history of poker! They say they will be holding their 3rd annual Texas Hold’em Poker Invitational with a planned payout of $30,000! Thats right, $30,000!

They may also be conducting a casting call for the 2011 season of “So you want to be a Poker Star” at this event.

The latest on “So you want to be a Poker Star”™, a reality TV show from TDPro featuring Poker Pros as mentors to teams of Poker Players aspiring to become Pros. We are down to the final 4 poker players. Don’t look for information or ask questions yet as we can’t reveal who they are or what will happen to them. We will be announcing soon the filming date for the finale show. Those that participated in the show along with a guess will be invited to see the finale filming.

I think so, I think social network sites (the concept of connecting with people from your life over the Internet) will become the next natural evolution of the Internet.  Folks will be connected to others through many ways  (I personally think companies like Google will ultimately win over niche apps like Facebook).

Businesses will soon have access to you and  your whole network of connections and will be forced to develop more meaningful content.  Leaders from the company will have to come forth and present ideas, strategies, technologies and other important  facts in order for us (the public) to care about that firm.

IT execs and other senior leaders will need to ensure all securities are in place to enforce the rules of what can and can’t be presented. Companies that will succeed will be at the forefront of this true “information superhighway 2.0”.

if you look back at a past post you will see that I am refining my thoughts.  I do not believe that in the future it will be enough to get a gaggle of fans and let them talk about your product.  I believe that in the next few years, this gaggle of fans will need more from you in order to continue being engaged in your social site.

Yelp helps you figure out what is good in your area based on user reviews.  I should know, I actually Yelp my own reviews under Scott “SHANKAPOTOMUS” S in TX.  Yelp is cool, but I notice that, like other social network sites, there are a lot of “lurker’s” (those that read reviews, but do not post).   

Foursquare seems cool as well (disclosure, I do not have a smart phone) as it tracks visitors in real time when they “check in”  via their smartphone and it can sync with Twitter and Facebook, so Foursquare users are telling the world where they are “real time”.

What Foursquare can do over Yelp (although Twitter can do it as well) is tell others where you are and have them join you, thus increasing patronage.  I think that Foursquare users will check in more frequently (and write insider tips) than Yelpers write reviews based on that “lurker” phenomenon. 

This coupled with how Foursquare connects you with your address book “friends” and encourages usage with badges and rewards should benefit any business.

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