I read somewhere that each month there are over 100 Million job related searches initiated on Google.  Also confirmed by Google, longer search phrases with 4 word phrases e.g. “store manager woman’s fashion” are growing faster than shorter phrases e.g. “store manager”.  I know the above to be true in my experience as I personally test this out monthly looking for postings in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.  As I see it, if these companies are looking to fill these positions, they may be interested in my consulting services in the interim.

Obviously the problem appears that most companies’ career pages are not search engine friendly that means when you post your jobs through your Applicant Tracking System, you’re getting them onto your website—but you’re not getting them to the web.

In order to optimize job posting searches on the web, they first of all have to make it to the careers section of your website.  Basically it comes down to companies being super proactive when it comes to listing open positions at their company.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I think that larger corporations have a process for approving and posting open positions but smaller companies may not.  How many times have you seen a job on a board on through a recruiter and it is not even on the corporate website yet?  This process has to be fixed first in order gor SEO to occur.

Once this process is implemented, start to write the job postings so that they are search engine friendly.  Include things such as:

  • The title – you will want to make sure that your page title includes the most commonly used title for
    the position, as well as the location of the position. 
  • The description – does it have as many bullet points and “buzz worthy” words as you can (while still sounding professional).
  • The details –  do you have salary ranges? Years of experience? The date of the posting?
  • Headers —Search engine spiders generally give more “weight” to words that appear in headers, on
    the theory that they are a good indicator as to what the page is about. 
  • Keywords —As a general rule, you should use your keywords repeatedly in your document.  The more they appear, the higher those keywords will rank your page in the search engine results.  But, you do not want to go overboard.

Next, HR needs to partner up with the SEO ninjas in IT to push out a perfectly optimized job listing page or if using with an outsourced ATS partner, work with their ninjas!  If you use a vendor, this process may be a bit harder in real life, a quick search of Kenexa’s web site for SEO and Search Engine Optimization yielded no results.