So, VMforce was released this week which will enable Java developers to create and deploy new applications in the cloud using’s cloud enviroment and VMWare’s Vcloud.

I am reading a lot about how this is going to change the face of Enterprise applications and wonder if this will turn out to be true.  I see a lot of features that I really like such as the interface provided by the Spring Source Tool Suite, the ease of provisioning provided by Vcloud and the VMForce built in reporting and dashboarding coupled with the ability to adapt for mobile…

My question is, can this new cloud enviroment make its way into the Enterprise?  Definitely the agility is fantastic, especially when compared to the current cycles large companies have for procuring and configuring a new enviroment (assuming you can justify it in the first place).   Once you’ve seen provisioning and configuration done in the cloud, the old way seems crazy.

In one of my latest customer engagements, trust in IT has to be re-earned every day forcing IT to have to bid against outside vendors just to be able to develop internal applications and the process for justifying and approving this IT spend gets harder and harder every day.

If internal IT governance and processes makes it harder for a business unit to get things done, then they almost feel like they have to circumvent IT.  Everyday I hear at least one person in the business say “If I can’t get it done the official way, I’ll get it done another way.”

So as IT departments deal with issues like added bureaucracy and complexity, more governance, less annual budget and a record high number of competing priorities, can they reinvent themselves and provide the agile services the business is looking for? I think it will all come down to leadership because it is bound to get a bit bloody along the way.