When I was the CIO/CTO of a company providing security solutions to state and national corrections institutions we owned a biometric company called SpeakEZ, which provided voice authentication.  We used this technology both in our core calling platform as well as in a parolee product.

The benefits to our security company were clear, verify who that who is calling is the correct person or verify who is being called is the right person.  I never really found a good (commercial) use for Biometrics past some of the then marketable applications (building security/laptop security).

I am currently reading about deploying Biometric technology as a compliment or replacement to “timecards’ and the natural integration to POS systems and I have to say…”Love it”.

The ability to stop employees’ friends from punching them in/out is brilliant.  Add to that integration into POS systems where we can eliminate supervisor codes or cards at the local Walmart where they have to approve I am indeed over 21 when buying a nice bottle of wine or at the corner bistro for servers who can now prove that each ticket (ie tip) belongs to them and I think the industry may be getting closer to market acceptance.

Now let’s prove out the ROI.