Let’s keep this one short, because let’s face it, when it is ugly, it is blatantly ugly.

There was another occasion from my past where I was brought in to a company by the CEO  to “turn around” an IT department in disarray.  This department was way out of step with the company, you know the kind, they are the IT folks you read about in Dilbert cartoons.  As a matter of fact, think of the then current CIO as Dilbert’s PHB (pointy hair boss).

Since I am blogging about concept of Micro Technology Stewardship, I will refrain from telling you about  ALL of the details and just get on  to my story.

It all began then this then current CIO had the idea that the company needed a portal for all of their senior medical professionals (Medical Professionals employed by this company aka employees :)) to log into for medical and corporate information and maybe exchange ideas with each other or the company leaders back at HQ, sort of an early social network for medical professionals.

Not a bad idea you say?  I agree, not a bad idea at all, EXCEPT, he never ran this idea past the CEO, any business leader or, to make it worse, any medical professionals in the field that this company engaged with!

The result?  Very much the same as “The Bad” post; out of control spending, IT out of alignment with the corporation, other projects missing deadlines, resources misdirected, frustrated senior leaders …yep pretty much a mess at this company too.

On the surface it seems so simple, but so many technology folks do not do it… just follow good micro technology stewardship – use the people with enough experience of the workings of a business or department to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs instead of doing it all “yourself” or doing it all within IT “cause we know best” and I guarantee you will have a better run IT department, and more importantly, a pleased CEO.