I remember a particularly good example of “bad” Micro Technology Stewardship that I would like to share today.  I was brought in to a company to “turn around” an IT department in disarray by a CEO friend of mine.

The then current VP of technology had worked for the CEO in prior companies as a lead developer and was particularly talented, especially in software development.  But, as we all know talented technologists do not always make the best leaders.

This VP had a particular habit of listening to his peers complaints and thinking to himself, “there has to be a way technology can solve this problem” and off to the internet he would go.  Now in normal circumstances, this would be a great thing, an IT executive looking for ways to solve the businesses issues, but, in this case, this particular executive would not involve the people with enough experience of the workings of a business or department to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs.  Meaning, he did not practice good Micro Technology Stewardship, he was simply deploying technology for technology’s sake.

The result?  Out of control spending, IT out of alignment with the corporation, projects missing deadlines, resources misdirected, frustrated senior leaders….it was a mess.  Had this VP completed his research and then gone to the business to involve them in solution selection and had he then identified key stakeholders and business leaders involved them in the project teams he would have much more successful.  He would have practiced good technology stewardship.